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An innovative suite of tools to help you become a more effective and data-driven organization.


Information and Assistance / Information and Referral Programs

Capstone’s call logging is integrated with the resource directory and forms for other programs enabling consumers to receive assistance through a single point of entry.  The I&A specialist initiates referrals as well as applications for programs where eligibility determination is required. With customizable workflows, Capstone can match the program’s workflow requirements while capturing data required for NAPIS reporting. The easy to use interface allows the specialist to focus on the call and the needs of the consumer.  Prompts guide the specialist to required data elements and forms required for workflow and reporting.

Case Management

For programs requiring eligibility, enrollment, and case management, Capstone’s configurable workflow provides a robust platform for managing service delivery and provider communications.  Utilized for a variety of services including Home and Community-based services, our unique communications platform help you ensure timely service as well as coordinated care with tracking for funding sources and providers.

Integration with State Systems

Capstone provides consumer and consumer service data through our web services module.  Our services are utilized by our customers for integrated business intelligence platforms, mobile applications, and more.

Provider Management Portal

Capstone’s provider management portal eliminates inefficient emailing, mailing, and faxing of information to service providers.  Providers are able to log into the portal to receive and provide updates regarding consumer services. Program managers are able to control the flow of information to the providers and view read receipts of information sent via the portal.  With Capstone, it’s easy for the program to ensure that service initiate in a timely manner and operate within budget. Our provider portal also includes a provider training management feature to announce and manage training events including registration, attendance, and CEU.




LEAPS for Ombudsman is a modern, robust case management system for Ombudsman.  Easy to use screens makes tracking of activities and investigation documentation a breeze.  To learn more about our State Ombudsman system, visit our LEAPS website.




Configurable Assessments and Forms

Our configurable assessments provide state of the art tools for flexibility in capturing assessment data while also allowing the program to easily modify the assessments and forms used at no additional cost.  A few button clicks and the changes are live for the users to view immediately. Need skip patterns in your assessments? We have them. Our dynamic assessments allow system administrators to define decision trees in the assessments.




Modern Tools for Data Capture and Outputs

With Capstone, add on modules are available for efficient data capture at community events such as congregate meals and bar code scanning.  Need configurable letters and forms? Our letters module allow the system administrator to manage letters and form changes at no additional cost.




Legal Service Developer

Our Legal Services Developer support system is available through our LEAPS system.   As with all of our LEAPS products, it is easy to use and flexible for collaboration. To learn more, please visit our LEAPS site.




Adult Protective Services

LEAPS for Adult Protective Services is our unrivaled cloud based system utilized by thousands of users and more than 55 programs in the United States.  To learn more, visit our LEAPS site.




Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?